Generosity & Interaction

Driven to meet the needs of a unique, multicultural community

At Antigua Green School every member of our community works to bring their unique gifts to share with one another. Our teachers bring their love and skills to share with the students and parents, the parents bring the gift of nurturing and support for the teachers and children, and the children bring the gift of helping all of us to see a new way. We all work together to seek to bring our collective gifts to the broader community, both local and to the world at large. Importantly, this spirit of generosity does not come by accident, but as a result of carefully planned practice and being mindful of our individual and collective roles in the greater community.




Antigua Green School provides an immersive bilingual environment to allow your child to develop English and Spanish skills in the classroom that naturally reflect Antigua’s truly international community. Our dual immersion classrooms have a native English and a native Spanish speaking teacher in every classroom to provide our students with a truly bilingual environment. Many of our children who have grown up in this environment are comfortable learning and interacting in both languages. All children are welcomed into the classroom with little or no English or Spanish language skills, all of our students receive the attention they need to develop their second language skills at their own individual level and pace.



A unique, multicultural community:

Antigua, Guatemala has a community quite unlike any other. We are a community of Guatemalans and expats, who are global thinkers with international mindsets living in a unique part of an enchanting developing country. We want our children to have an education that is in tune with Guatemala and academically rigorous enough to develop skills for their international futures. Antigua Green School seeks to embody the spirit of our progressive community without losing the importance of academia. As socially responsible citizens, we know that investing in this community will benefit us all, and teach our children to become globally minded change-makers of tomorrow.