• The first Cambridge International School in Guatemala

  • We are a school at the heart of a move towards a more sustainable Antigua, and recognize our impact on our community and our planet

  • We are a community of Guatemalan and International families who work together to build a better future for our children, our community and for Guatemala. 

The Antigua Green School provides a bilingual (dual-immersion), child-centered, experiential Montessori education designed to meet the cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs of the individual children in our community. Our carefully prepared environment is built on La Azotea Coffee Farm and designed to help children be happy, healthy and to learn through interacting with the natural world. Our curriculum is designed to present each student with subjects and skills at their own pace, fostering each child's natural curiosity for learning in order to develop independent, lifelong learners.


Antigua Green School provides a carefully designed education that inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to develop essential life skills to become an environmentally friendly, principled citizen of our global community.


Antigua Green School is recognized for academic excellence, embracing innovation and our dedication to the care of our natural environment, as a community we guide our students through a compelling educational journey of self-discovery and growth.



Antigua Green School is the result of the collaborative efforts of the children, parents and educators in the Antigua community. We opened our doors as Oxford Bilingual Montessori in 2010, where our humble beginnings involved fewer than 20 Antigua families. Since then, we have opened one grade level each year, and will continue to do so until our first class graduates with their High School diplomas, and their Cambridge International qualified A-Level Exams in 2022. In 2014 the founders, Bryant Hand and Joseph Turton, partnered with Ricardo Pokorny at the beautiful organic coffee farm, La Azotea, to build the Antigua Green School. We will continue to collaborate with the more than 100 families that are now part of our school’s community in order to build a school that represents the wisdom, collaborative efforts, and our collective hopes and dreams for Antigua and a better world for us all.


La Azotea

La Azotea farm was originally known for growing conchineal, an insect used in making red dye. The invention of chemical dyes eventually collapsed the conchineal industry. In 1883, Doña Dominga Mont purchased the farm and her son-in-law, Don Marcelo Orive, converted to cultivate coffee.

In 1908, Don Marcelo’s son, Don Alberto Orive, increased the size of the farm and modernized the coffee mill. The farm and the coffee mill are still operated by don Alberto’s grandchildren who, in the year 2000, converted part of the farm to a museum complex: Centro Cultural La Azotea. Today, “La Azotea Estate”, not only produces and processes Antigua’s finest coffee, but also hosts over 2000- tourists a month.

La Azotea Coffee Farm and Museums, is a well know name in Antigua Guatemala, for its high quality coffee, it's traditions, and it's commitment to the preservation of Guatemalan culture.



The Cultural Center

A sprawling coffee farm that bridges the Antigua and Jocotenango communities, La Azotea features a complex of three museums. The Museo del Café covers the history and process of coffee cultivation; the Casa K'ojom holds a superb collection of traditional Maya musical instruments, masks, paintings and other artifacts; and the Rincón de Sacatepéquez displays the traditional dress and crafts of the Antigua valley's original inhabitants.

Besides visiting the museums, you can roam the coffee fields, which are crisscrossed by nature trails; adjacent to the museum is a botanical garden and plant nursery with an incredible variety of tropical plants. A shop sells quality coffee, local crafts and Mayan instruments. One of the most striking additions to the estate is the Establo La Ronda, a stable of more than 30 horses, where experienced riders can join you for a tour of the highlands.

The Future

Three Year Strategic Goals (2017-2019)


AGS will prepare our students for an ever-changing world by promoting the attributes of the Montessori method, and providing opportunities to learn about our environmental impact, human health and eco-literacy, while embracing the diversity of the network of families that comprise our community.


Antigua Green School education, by maintaining balance, will offer families and their children a compelling developmental and educational model that prepares each child, uniquely, for success in their life-long learning journey.


The AGS community will be enriched by initiatives, programs and facilities that enhance connections between students, families and staff to challenge and celebrate their diverse values, interests and needs and strengthen the foundation on which our future is built.

Continuous Improvement

AGS will be a model for excellence in education by continually improving its programs and impact, actively employing and refining best practices to enhance student learning, and sharing its successes with the community.