We Follow the Child

We offer child centered education based on Montessori principles

We respect the individual while utilizing standardized Cambridge exams and courses

Our children are active in the development of their school and our community



Nature is our Home and Teacher

We use the natural world to teach and learn

We maximise contact with nature, being outside and getting our hands dirty

We teach with what we have and employ creative solutions to minimise resource waste


We are Our Community

We offer a truly bilingual and multicultural educational environment

Children are encouraged to identify and interact with the local community

We are accessible: to children with special needs and priced for the local economy

We invest time and resources in both foreign and local teachers



Antigua Green School provides a carefully designed education that inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to develop essential life skills to become an environmentally friendly, principled citizen of our global community.


Antigua Green School is recognized for academic excellence, embracing innovation and our dedication to the care of our natural environment, as a community we guide our students through a compelling educational journey of self-discovery and growth.