Antigua Green School identifies Montessori as our guide to provide a peaceful, mixed-age, child-directed environment which is truly bilingual and in tune with our natural world. We operate on an understanding of the principles laid out by Maria Montessori and developed by the educators who followed in her footsteps. The method makes the natural assumption that children are intrinsically good, peaceful, and naturally motivated to learn. We value its intrinsic respect for each child’s potential, its promotion of peaceful communities, and its specific pedagogical structures. We emphasize the importance of every child’s development as an individual and value the balance of Montessori’s scientific approach to children’s development and its understanding that all children will learn at their own pace.The method cultivates a child's natural desire to learn which helps children to develop positive attitudes about themselves and their world while fostering a desire for lifelong learning. The Montessori method is a time tested, modern and progressive method, that has been able to remain at the forefront of child development and progressive education because of its ability to be applied to each individual child and remain relevant by adapting to new technologies and ways of understanding the human brain. We apply these principles to provide an education that is immersed in nature and relevant to the modern world.  

The Guatemalan National Curriculum

The National Curriculum Base (CNB) of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala was developed by the Ministry of Education and is a competency-based curriculum initiated in 2004. The CNB is a 40 volume curriculum based on a European educational design. The Green School curriculum is designed to meet all of the requirements of the CNB and our students are registered legally in Guatemala, in addition to their Cambridge certifications, our students will graduate with a diploma certified by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala.

“Resting no longer on a curriculum or a timetable, education must conform to the facts of human life.”  — Maria Montessori





We use a Montessori curriculum designed by NAMC.

During the first three years of life, a child’s brain absorbs more information from the environment than at any other part of his/her lifetime. Every sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is taken in and processed. It is an amazing, wondrous period in a tiny, complete human being’s life. The Montessori Infant/Toddler environment provides a safe, calm, carefully designed setting for optimal learning that nurtures the physical and spiritual being. Sensory, cognitive, language, social, and cultural activities address the natural tendencies of the child’s developmental process. Even at this early stage, a child is soon able to make choices for his/her own independence.

Subject Areas of the Preschool Program

-Cognitive, motor, sensory, language, social, and practical life activities

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Montessori believed that in the time of the absorbent mind (birth–6 years), the joy of learning is more evident and effortless than perhaps at any other stage of life. Through natural curiosity, the child absorbs information, assimilates it with his/her senses, and constructs his/her own knowledge. The Montessori method of education gives children ages 3–6 unique opportunities to learn more thoroughly and efficiently through experience, guidance, and practice.

Subject Areas of the Kindergarten Program

-Practical Life



-Culture and Science (Geography, History, Zoology, Botany, Science)

-Language Art

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