Inclusion Policy

We believe no child, individual, or family should be excluded from our school on grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, disability, skin color, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. Also, we give equal opportunity to all who apply to work for our school.

We are responsible to ensure every child’s needs are met. We recognize that children and their families come from diverse backgrounds and family structures. All of these factors may affect the family or child’s well being. When children are placed in a discriminatory environment, they suffer and are not able to learn and grow. Also the children who are not directly discriminated against suffer in an environment where discrimination is tolerated.

We do not discriminate against a child or family or prevent a child or family from becoming a member of our community because of:

-disability -race -gender or gender orientation -sexual orientation -religion or belief -age -pregnancy or maternity -marriage or civil partnership

We believe that diversity and inclusion are vital aspects of a healthy community so we hold ourselves accountable to ensure our school lives up to this standard. Our staff is informed and educated about diversity and inclusion and has the well-being of all our children and families in mind. Our children will learn by example to welcome everyone of their peers and our parents will be supportive of living in a healthy and diverse community.

Price Policy

We are priced for the middle classes of Antigua. These prices allow us to provide an internationally competitive education by investing in the materials and infrastructure needed and paying our teachers and staff a fair wage for their hard work.

Discount Policy

We do not offer discounts because...

* We are already fairly priced

* The school's budget is designed to meet the needs of our community

* When families are in need of financial assistance we may have work programs or sponsors to provide the help they need