Antigua Green School seeks a Director


The School

The school was founded with the purpose of providing a superior, dual immersion (Spanish and English), education for children consistent with the Montessori philosophy. The Antigua Green School strives to endow its students with the desire and ability to learn, while nurturing a self understanding and social awareness necessary to live healthy productive lives, as well as to help families raise respectful, responsible, and resourceful children. Antigua Green School seeks to create a unique, student-centered, learning environment where students continually learn self-direction, self-discipline, and self-reliance. Implicit in this education is the school’s aim to instill in its students respect and responsibility for themselves, one another, and the natural environment.  

Antigua Green School opened its doors in 2010, becoming the first Montessori-based Kinder and Elementary school in Antigua. In 2017, we became an accredited Cambridge International School from Kinder to 12th grade. We will open our high school in 2019, and celebrate our first graduating class in 2022. 


We are an international school founded on a student-centered educational philosophy and a 2- century curriculum. We engage each student in the personal, intellectual, and social development essential to tomorrow’s successful leaders. Our community of educators value diversity and seek excellence. Our modern approach uses every resource available, from our natural surroundings to our internationally accredited curriculum, which is approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education. Like Antigua itself, we incorporate the lessons of our histories to build a stronger, close-knit community of global thinkers who are dedicated to fostering social responsibility. 


Antigua Green School Vision

As a learning community we are recognized for academic excellence, embracing innovation, and our dedication to the care of our natural environment. We guide our students through a compelling educational journey of self-discovery and growth to become independent, environmentally-conscious, principled citizens of our global community. 


Antigua Green School Mission

Antigua Green School provides a carefully designed education that inspires a passion for learning and empowers every child to develop essential life skills. We hold our students, teachers, parents and staff accountable for the success of each and every member of our community. 


The Setting

Antigua is a well preserved Spanish Colonial (UNESCO) World Heritage site known for its breathtaking volcano views and quaint cobblestone streets. Antigua, Guatemala, often called "The Land of Eternal Spring," rests between three volcanoes at 5,000 feet above sea level and has pleasant weather all year-round. It is the heart of the nation's cultural and touristic activities, and home to just over 50,000 people. Guatemala's culture is a unique blend of indigenous and Spanish colonial influences. Antigua is known for being an international community and is a world famous tourist destination. It attracts people from all over the world, many of whom settle down and raise their families here.  


Campus and Facilities

The school is built on the organic coffee farm La Azotea, located on the outskirts of Antigua and only a ten minute walk from the Central Park. The facility includes several academic buildings which serve the early childhood, elementary, and middle school students. The school is designed for students to interact with their natural surroundings, with large wide open classrooms that open to the central gardens and play areas. Within the school facilities there are playgrounds, gardens, a library, open air cafeteria, a climbing wall and soccer/football field, and our students have access to 70 acres of farm and green spaces that include running and biking trails, a small permaculture farm, two museums, and stables with 35 riding horses. We are focused on environmental education and sustainability because we believe that nature is our home, so we use the natural world to teach and learn, maximize contact with nature being outside and getting our hands dirty, and teach with what we have, employing creative solutions to minimize resource waste. 



Antigua Green School serves approximately 100 students enrolled in preschool through 8th grade and grows by one grade a year. We are an international community with families and staff from 18 different countries. We would like you to help us grow the student population. 



The School offers a complete curriculum where the CNB (Guatemalan National Curriculum) serves as a framework to insert the North American Montessori Center (NAMC) curriculum from Preschool through Elementary, and the Cambridge International School curriculum for grades 7th to 12th. We maintain a dual immersion model (English / Spanish), where children have access to both languages for instruction, and are supported by a team of teachers for their individual learning needs. Graduation requirements include four years of language arts, science, math, social studies, and a foreign language, as well as physical education, and electives. The arts, music, sports and service learning programs are considered to be an integral part of the curriculum and are treated as such by the administration and staff. The school is recognized and authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and is fully accredited as a Cambridge International School.  


Faculty and Administration 

The school employs 15 full time classroom teachers and 20 extra curricular, administration and support staff, maintains an average student-teacher ratio of 10:1, and is governed by a School Board.  



The School is governed by a nine-member School Board elected for two-year terms by the Antigua Green School community and our foundation. The Antigua Green School Board designs a formal comprehensive strategic plan to guide the development and management of the school. The plan is designed to support the Antigua community values, align the intentions of key stakeholders, and focus resources on initiatives needed to achieve stated goals.  

The Position Description

The Director provides leadership and direction in planning, coordinating and evaluating the school’s staff and operations in a manner that ensures appropriate educational policies and programs to achieve the fullest possible development of each student. This person is also responsible for ensuring financial stability and proper budget management. Antigua Green School seeks an energetic, inspirational leader to: 

●Advance the school into the future while respecting its vision, history and strong foundations of academic excellence. 

●Manage the overall direction and all day-to-day decisions of the school including strategic, academic and financial operations.  

●Encourage transparency and mutual respect while being able to set priorities decisively, delegate responsibilities, assure and value accountability, and allocate resources to ensure results. 

●Develop a collaborative culture where high-caliber staff members are valued, motivated and retained. 

●Manage risk and maintain accountability for the school population and staff. 

●Collaborate and communicate effectively with the Board on matters of governance and policy. 

●Effectively represent the school to diverse internal and external audiences consistently enhancing the school’s visibility and prestige. 


Job Qualifications

●Knowledge of progressive educational ideals, classroom teaching experience required, 2 years + of experience as a Principal or Director preferred. Professional experience in Latin America preferred. 

●MA/MS required, PhD in education or educational administration, or leadership preferred. 

●Energetic and enthusiastic about education and management. 

●Demonstrated commitment academic excellence and accountability with a strong ability to formulate and communicate strategic and academic vision. 

●Experience in curriculum design and development, faculty/staff recruitment, management and retention, marketing and public relations. 

●Demonstrated success in budgeting and finance. 

●Successful record of team building, inspiring leadership, and building trust with the parent community. 

●Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish (native level in one and at least B2 level on the CEFR in the second language). 

●Dedicated, professional, well organized, fair and honest with integrity; above reproach.  

●Dedicated to the practice of child centered educational practices; understanding of, and willingness to passionately promote, the Antigua Green School mission, identity, spirit, and character.  


Personal Skills

●Has exceptional people skills; good interpersonal ability; capacity to build and maintain close relationships and engender trust.  

●Has well-developed listening skills. 

●Knows when to be strict and when to be friendly. 

●Strong work ethic.  

●Ability to foster a close knit community among diverse stakeholders. 

●Committed to community service learning projects and student leadership. 

●Interested in wellness and physical fitness. 

●Actively involved in all school and extracurricular activities. 

●Shows strong initiative.  


Salary and Benefits

The salary will be competitive within the economy of Guatemala and will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. 


Procedure for Filing Application 

Candidates are asked to submit a letter of interest and the requested materials as early as possible as the Search Committee/Board of Directors reserves the right to close the selection process at any time if the right candidate is found. The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received. Finalists will be selected and interviewed in both languages by the School Board and will have the opportunity to visit the school and meet with faculty, parents, students, and non-teaching staff. Current plans are to have the new Director, if possible, started and functioning in the role before the end of this year.  


Candidates who wish to apply should submit the information requested below; 

●A letter of application, no longer than three pages, outlining your philosophy of education, demonstrating your strengths as a candidate, and explaining why you are interested in the Antigua Green School position 

●A current resumé in English and Spanish 

●At least three references with current phone numbers and email addresses 


Please send the application to:


Form to apply

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