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Welcome to Green Club

Green Club provides a variety of extracurricular classes for the entire Antigua community, with hands-on after school activities for kids of all ages. In the beautiful and safe La Azotea farm environment, children and youth 2-15 years old can take advantage of courses such as organic gardening, music, dancing, outdoors skills, soccer, chess, cooking, horseback riding, painting, sculpture, music, yoga and mindfulness, hydroponics, carpentry, rock climbing, and much more. At Green Club children have the opportunity to learn from experienced English- and Spanish-speaking instructors that use the natural world as their classroom and instill a deeper appreciation for our planet and the environment while also instructing children in the arts, environmental focused courses, sports, and language skills.

Green Club provides opportunities for the children and youth of Antigua to access outdoor spaces in a safe and structured way year-round.


  • Early Years Program for children 3-6 years old:  12:30-3:00pm.
  • Upper Green Club Program for children and youth 7-16 years old:  3:15-4:45pm
  1. Session 1: January 15th - March 23rd
  2. Session 2: April 9th - June 14th
  3. Session 3: August 6th - October 12th

      Green Club Intensive Workshop: October 15th - November 9th


Green Club is open to all children in our Antigua community and takes place at the Antigua Green School, which is magnificently located within the lush groves of  La Azotea Coffee Farm, on the north side of Antigua. 

Space is limited -- enroll today! Email us at for the current activity options or visit our office on the south end of La Azotea Coffee Farm (call 4060-0023 for directions).